#OTWOLTheProposal – Episode 74 Review

Posted: 11/24/2015 by Asian Ties in On The Wings Of Love, Philippines
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Did you remember the pilot episode when Leah was uttering these words? That was on August 10. Seventy-four (74) episodes later, the most awaited #OTWOLTheProposal had finally arrived. It didn’t take long to hit the twitterverse by storm. It garnered almost 2M tweets on that day. November 19 is the date, the “real” engagement day!

It was worth the long wait. We laugh, cry and felt the pain watching Clark fall in love and fight for their love. We laugh, cry and felt the pain watching Leah fall in love and then trying to conceal her love for Clark. And, when we thought that their love would come to an end, we got to see Leah finally took the risk. And now, here we are, they are engaged!

Clark asking the big question was the highlight of this series. Him asking Leah to marry him will mean that their “fake” marriage is coming to its end. For their love story, it will mean a fresh new start as husband and wife. For the JaDine fans, it will mean a honeymoon scene for James and Nadine. LOL.

We have come a long way, indeed!

Leah: Pasensya ka na hubby ha, medyo natagalan ko pa na-realize na ang tanga-tanga ko kapag pinakawalan ko pa isang katulad mo, paano mo naman nagawang maghintay ng ganun katagal?

Clark: Na-realize ko rin na ang tanga-tanga ko na hindi hintayin ang katulad mo.


Here are some more reactions to today’s episode. Plus, have fun watching the bloopers here #OTWOLTheProposal – Outtake. Enjoy!

What’s Next?

A big storm is coming!

Credits: OTWOLTV on TwitterOTWOLTV on FB, ABS-CBN/TFC/Dreamscape

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