#OTWOLILoveUSA – Episode 2 Review

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In the Philippines, kids live with their parents until they get married. At that point in time, these kids become adults.

This is the norm. But, kids who were neglected and/or lived in poverty, they become adults as soon as they grasped the reality. They live to survive, they survive to live. There’s no other way out other than become survivors in this harsh and unfair world.

pamilya ng survivors4leah dreaming 2

My favorite scenes/quotes in this episode:

  • Leah and Clark meeting for the first time – Their destiny has started creeping in 🙂 Leah and Clark bumped into each other with Leah making excuses that she meant to say “I Love You U-USA”. Clark, obviously irritated, had his long spill about not running around like a crazy person. The banter, give me some more of it!
  • “Mahirap pero kakayanin” (It’s hard but I can do it) – Tita Jack and Clark talking about the extra money they need to provide for their families. Tita Jack is being asked to finance the flea market business that one of her brothers wanted to start. While Clark needs to send extra cash for the rising tuition fee of his siblings. Their never say die attitude is admirable.
  • “This is the land of opportunity, ang pangarap di yan hinihintay, tinatrabaho” (This is the land of opportunity. You work for your dream and not sit around waiting for it.) – Mrs. Lorenzo to Leah telling her story about how they started from rags to riches. In life, you only need 1 person to build your confidence up. With these words, Leah was more determined to get a job and stay in San Francisco just like her mother.
  • “They think we’re big shots since we’re here in the States, what they don’t realize is we work really hard” – Cullen talking about his vacation and how girls came up to him just because he’s from the US. People, the message is loud and clear. Not every Balikbayan visiting the Philippines is rich 🙂
  • “Dating is fun sure, if there’s time” – Clark telling his friends that he has 2 more jobs so he can’t date. Go Clark, tell them!
  • “Naririnig ko lang boses ni Jiggs sa telepono and sinubaybayan ko lang ang paglaki nya sa mga litrato” (I only hear Jiggs’ voice and I only watched him grew up through pictures) – Tita Jack talking to Leah about her life and despite staying in San Francisco, she couldn’t help but be sad sometimes. She misses her family especially Jiggs. Now, if only Jiggs can feel the longing from thousand miles away.

Let’s talk about Jiggs.

Jiggs recruited a group of men to serenade Leah for forgiveness. This part is corny to say the least with all these masculine men dancing. But, what can we expect from Jiggs? He wants to show off and at the same time sincerely apologize to Leah. He’s a hopeless romantic…


AND, possessive and controlling…


AND insecure…


You can probably say a lot of bad things about Jiggs’ personality. But, can you blame him? He grew up without a mother, and now Leah, who appears to be the love of his life, left him. He’s scared that Leah will be gone forever. As he quoted: “iniwan na ako ni Mommy, di ako papayag na iwan mo din ako.” (Mommy already left me and I won’t allow you to leave me also.)

All that Tita Jack can do is to spoil Jiggs with things that money can buy. Is that good? No. Is that bad? No. Are you confused yet? It’s bad to spoil your kid but all the material things she has given are money well spent. They represent her undying love for the kid.

Let me tell you a story.

I was in 4th grade when my mom had an opportunity to work outside the Philippines. We were struggling a bit when my dad got fired from work. My mom, being resourceful that she is, looked for new jobs. She eventually landed to a recruiter who promised her job abroad. But, she didn’t leave. She stayed in Manila and worked odd jobs to help our household until my dad got a call back from his previous employer wanting to recruit him again.

Many years later after I graduated college, my mom and I were talking how we turned around our lives and she was very happy that I graduated. She told me the reason she didn’t leave. “Ayaw kong iwan kayo kasi mas kailangan n’yo ako dito.” (I didn’t leave because you needed me more here in the Philippines).

I was thankful that my mom stayed and raised us. Would I be like Jiggs had she left? Maybe, maybe not. For this reason that I thought Jiggs’ character was very compelling. He has abandonment issues and he’s struggling to deal with it. But, you want him to realize that at the end of the day, he is responsible for his life choices and being a hot head will not get him anywhere, in love and in life.

What’s Next in OTWOL?

Pakiramdam ko kasi andito ung kapalaran ko, andito ung destiny ko – Leah

(I have a feeling I will find my fortune here)

leah and clark desttiny combiend

Here’s my review of the pilot episode just in case you missed it -> #OTWOL Arrival – Episode 1

Credits: OTWOLTV on TwitterOTWOLTV on FB, ABS-CBN/TFC/Dreamscape

  1. Komal says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog… I feel bad for Jiggs 😔..poor him


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