Someone once told me, love is like a bird and if you
are going to love someone, you will love the way a
bird should be loved, take it, take care of it, put
it in a cage and love it.

Love it with all your heart, but if it wants to
leave, if it wants to fly far away, dont stop it,
let it go, let it fly, because if it truly loves
you, it will come back to you.

Before featuring the pilot episode of On The Wings of Love (OTWOL), please indulge me by reading how I got hooked by this TV series. For those who are visiting the site for the first time (thanks and welcome!), I introduced the show here ->OTWOL, The Phenomenal That Is

I will admit that I watched On The Wings of Love when it’s already 5 episodes past its pilot. I’ve been away for awhile now so I don’t pay much attention to what’s going on in the Philippines unless its concerning my family. There’s not enough time to follow every single news bites let alone the local showbiz. It didn’t help either that we were not subscribing to TFC or any other TV networks out there.

My parents were visiting from Manila so naturally the first thing to do is to get TFC. It was an easier choice as I do know my mom at least watches mostly ABS-CBN shows.

My dad, who like me almost never watches drama series, was hooked by the OTWOL mania. One afternoon, my dad couldn’t contain laughing at some scenes with Leah and Clark. I asked who the actors were as I have not seen them before. They were interesting. The show premise was interesting. I tuned in.

Overnight, I became a fan. I didn’t know exactly how popular OTWOL was. It probably wasn’t until after the wedding episode between Clark and Leah that had me go to the web and read all the love that the show was getting.

It’s a feel good show. It connects me back home. And on the plus side, I’m watching new actors with so much potential. I love underdogs so yeah I’m happily cheering for them.

So much so for my backstory haha!

Let’s talk about the pilot episode. Here are the things I find endearing about the first episode.

  • “Kung mahal ka, babalikan ka” – (If he/she loves you, he’ll/she’ll come back). This line has become OTWOL’s anthem during the course of the show. Leah is holding onto those words dearly. I felt the pain and the angst while watching Tatang Sol, Nanang and their kids part ways. Nobody wants to let Nanang go but they had to with the hope that someday Nanang will come back as she promised.

Airport Scene 1

  • Sister love – It’s Leah and Tiffany’s relationship that made me miss my siblings more. Manang stopped going to school so that Leah could finish hers. Leah wanted to earn a lot more money so that she could send her sister back to school. And when Leah is hurt by Jigs leaving her, Manang had only these words “The perfect guy for you is one who should help you reach your dream.” Everybody watching must have wanted a Manang Tiffany right there and then.

Leah and Tiffany 6

  • The American Dream – “America, Here I Come”, said Leah. Wanting to give everything for your family is a noble act. That’s why Overseas Filipino Workers are the unsung heroes of the nation. Providing for her family is what Leah wanted and nothing else. It’s nothing short but being a hero.

Leah Here I come 2

  • Pampu (aka Mekeni) – The symbol of love. The symbol of hope. The symbol of happiness for Leah. The symbol of destiny for Clark and Leah? 🙂

Pampu 1

  • Life doesn’t suck much – OK, nothing in this world is easy to get. And in this episode, there was no sugar coating when it came to depicting Clark’s life in the US. He has multiple jobs, family issues, heck even his house is a mess. Nothing is going well for him. But, he has Tita Jack, he has friends. For most workers abroad or even immigrants, the people around them make their life a bit easier. It’s a fact!

Clark 1

What’s Next…

Destiny awaits 🙂

Leah and Clark - Chance Encounter 2_2


Credits: OTWOLTV on TwitterOTWOLTV on FB, ABS-CBN/TFC/Dreamscape

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